Bangladesh is planning to distribute Smart National ID card but it’s going to be yellow Card !

Yellow card is for football to alert someone not to do same fault again but Bangladesh is going to do same mistake which can be reason for National security. Election Commission is going to stop to have finger prints and eyes identification photo for National Smart ID card . In same time the world planning to reserve the citizens data for National securities and in the same time Bangladesh is waking backward. 

How funny and illiterate Election commission. It’s a way to demonstrate our country is illiterate. 

It’s not really mordent and digital Bangladesh . It’s shame for Democracy and for present government. 

Shame .

Yet it’s late Blogging.

Life is sort but words are enemy. Life is sort but blog is my breathing. 

Yet it is too late but we are not safe. We have rights to write but no one doesn’t have rights to kill us . It’s an unsafe and irresponsible government who is never able to stable the general security for people in the democracy country. 

Almost our blogger have been died now we are getting aid to rescue our life. It’s too late Dear America . Act once it really urgent don’t act as director direct you. 

Yet it’s great step to give shelter. Thanks to safe us for our nation.