Blogger Rajib Haider is killed.


Blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider was killed by unnamed assailants near his house at Palash Nagar of Mirpur Section 11 in the capital Dhaka on Friday night.

The police said that Rajib, hacked in the face and throat, was found dead about 9:30pm in a dark place near his house.
Rajib used to blog using the nick of Thaba Baba and had been actively engaged in the Shahbagh protests, which began on February 5 demanding death penalty for all war criminals.
The police said that the assailants hacked Rajib with machetes. Alamgir Hossain Noor Karim, a security guard of the residential area, said that he had seen two young people, who were carrying school bags and their faces tied around with handkerchiefs, hurrying out of the area.
The police found two blood-stained machetes in the place. The police also found a laptop and two mobiles of Rajib.
The body was taken to the Pallabi police station. None was arrested.
Local Awami League lawmaker Elias Molla and blogger Imran H Sarkar alleged that Jamaat and Shibir activists might be behind the killing.
His namaz-e-janaza will be held in the Shahbagh crossing after the asr prayers today.
Imran H Sarkar in the Shahbagh protests venue urged people to wear black badges in protest against the killing and demanded an immediate arrest of the killers.
He also demanded that people’s access to SonarBangladesh blog should be blocked alleging that the blog had instigated the killing.
The news of Rajib’s death forced Shahbagh protests leaders to take back their earlier decision on seven-hour rally a day that they announced in the afternoon. The said that they would be holding protests round-the-clock as they have done since February 5.
The organisers sat at an emergency meeting late Friday night and decided to hold  non-stop protests against the countrywide general strike Jamaat-i-Islami announced for Monday.



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