Our Destination & Nation.


Bangladesh is an unique Name in the whole world where people died  due to safe their mother’s tong from enemy. The world history as remember the 2nd World war in their mind with the same pain Bangladeshi people should remember those incidents which happened with us during 1971.Bangladesh has achieved their ownership through the martyrs but today all martyrs are ignored softly from the history. Now the history is today very busy with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Ziaur Rahman. Who is the first President and who is the first person who declare the Declaration of independence that’s real focus and goal for Bangladesh.Because of these two previous question Bangladesh is going to forget the Martyrs those are the real hero for Independence. Day by day we are massing into the fake history and making the world civilian fool about our History. The develop countries today knows us as fraud. We are responsible for all of these. Till we have time to recover these all matters and issues but we should be aware about our rights and duty. Wake-Up and safe your Destination and Nation and remake our Bangladesh with good will.


Our71bd/Bobby J.Pereira.




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