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Our71bd, is my own Blog where I try to introduce the people with the present affair that’s are happening in Bangladesh. When life is in risk to say our opinion that time social medial is only the way to aware people and to say and to show our opinion. Bangladesh is having and going through in the terrific horror situation where minority’s  in the list of  Hefajot – Islam’s demanded 13 issues.

I am from martyrs family. My uncles were freedom fighter they brought victory from Pakistan, they given blood to make our country more secure. Now it’s my duty to be present freedom fighter. We will rescue again our country. We will fight with our WORDS, PHOTOS AND WITH MY BIOGS.

Our71bd is my weapon to safe my country and to ban the Hefajot-E- Islam and Jamaat-E- Islam. Therefore, I inspire you to Come out from your home due to protest against 13 issue which are totally against democracy & the constitution of Bangladesh.Raise your voice to Demand Death Penalty for all 1971 war crime criminals. Remember it’s only the perfect time to rescue our Democracy, it’s only time to safe our mothers respect, from RAPIST.

I am in the war to rescue my Mothers respect. Asking you…… Are you ready to rescue your mothers respect? If you are not just be ready right now to safe your mother from Rapist 1971 war crime criminal (Hefajot-E- Islam and Jamaat-E- Islam).


OUR71bd/Bobby Joseph Pereira/Photo credit: Jico Cruze


One comment on “Author/our71bd/Bobby J.Pereira

  1. Sujan says:

    Just tell me where are you atheist bloggers. We will cut you into pieces.

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