How Bangladesh is safe country.


Pro-Sharia Islamist group Hifazat-e-Islam activists attacked media personsduring their rally in downtown Dhaka, injuring eight journalists including a woman reporter.

Womenreporters and TV crew were denied entry to Hifazat’s rally in Dhaka. The Hifazat-e Islam not onlybarred women from entering its rally, but also harassed physically and mentallyseveral female journalists covering the rally event.

Private channel Ekushey Television’s (ETV)reporter Nadia Sharmin was attacked who were demanding cancellingthe women’s policy and banning public mixing of men and women. Sharmin wasattacked around 3pm when she went to cover the rally.

“Some Hifazat activists came to me and told me that admission of women to therally is not allowed.

They said, ‘You resort to falsehood. You’re the agents ofGanajagaran Mancha’ (youths protest against Islamist at Shahbag Square). At one point of the conversationthey assaulted me. I took shelter in a car nearby and then they even tried tovandalise the car,” she said.

“I asked why I can’t go just because I amnot wearing headscarf (hijab)? It’s my personal business whether I wear scarfor not. Who’re you to talk about this? Then they got locked in argument withme. At one stage I started for my office again ignoring their obstruction.”

The activists interrupted Financial ExpressReporter Arafat Ara at Paltan while she was going to office.



Nadira Sharmin, a TV reporter was beaten mercilessly, while she was covering a huge gathering of Islamist fanatics in the capital Dhaka. The Mullahs attacked her, because she is women.

On Friday, Mohona TV Chief Reporter Sumi Khan faced obstruction from the Hifazat activists in Chittagong, the second largest city in thesouth.

DainikIttefaq’s photographer Sujon Mondol was attacked. Both Mondol and Sharmin were admitted at a state medical college hospital.

The journalists were dubbed as ‘dalals’ (stooge) and ‘nastiks’ (atheists) duringthe assault by the Hifazat activists.

Foyzul Alam Siddique was severely beaten up by the Hifazatactivists. A freelance photographer Nazrul Islam was also critically injuredin the assault.

Two more journalists of SATV were assaulted near the venue and their camera were vandalised.

On Friday, the aggrieved Hefajat men physically assaulted four journalists of private television channel Ekattor television (Channel 71) in the afternoon,while they were covering the rally.




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