NO MORE RELATION WITH PAKISTAN.পাকিস্তানের সঙ্গে আর কোনো সম্পর্ক …………………….. না !

No political affair with Pakistan No  more affaire with snakes Pakistan. Bangladesh is an another country that separate from Pakistan (west Pakistan)  since 1971 where 30,000,00 freedom fighters died and approximately 1,00,000 women raped due to get the name of Bangladesh. After 42 years later if we look back there is nothing less than violence greater. Jamaat-e-Islami created Hafajot-e- Islam,  Bangladeshi nationalism (BNP) caught for corruption and  Awami League found everything in the name of  Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman.

2013 is the year when Bangladesh able to do something  noticeable. Bangladesh Government bring all the 1971 war crime criminal into the judgment where the Mirpur butcher Khader Mollah get death penalty and hanged. Khader Mollah was the general secretary of Jamaat-e-Islam Bangladesh one who is one of  the secret agent of Pakistan that matter Bangladeshi people understood just few days ago.

Once Pakistan parliament declared public holiday due to respect khader mollahs death. In Bangladesh khader mollah is an international criminal but same person is very important for which the Pakistan parliament declared public holiday. Is it the sing of friendship or sing of enemy.

Pakistan is our enemy they can not be our friend. We just like to close our relation. Study about it and stand with us due to finger the point on Pakistan.

Gorje Utho Bangladesh Aro Ekbar.




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