(Christian, Buddhist & Hindu) Minority or Bangladeshi.


By law as we know, Bangladesh is democracy country where every person has their rights to implements. If we look carefully we will able to see that Bangladesh is not a democracy country. Its a Muslim country. Since 1971 Minority’s are persecuted by majority. Hindu, Christian and Buddhist are also human being and also Bangladeshi and also public of Bangladesh. As majority have freedom and rights in the same way Minority have same freedom and rights on Bangladesh. Due to rescue Bangladesh Minority people also fight against Pakistan during 1971. Due to keep Mother language Bangla minority’s also given their hurts and blood in 1951. In the every section minority’s have contribution. So how majority persecute minority!

Bangladesh is our golden land which build through Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christians blood. Bangladesh is the land for human being not for the animals.  Bangladesh is not for the animals so those you are doing this types of deeds you are all animals nothing than more.

Raish your hand and destroy all Jammat-E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam thoughtand demands that spreading discrimination among our Nationality. If it is really Democracy country than prove it with our human manner.



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