Jamaat-E- Islam is already ban as political group. It also clear that Jamaat -E-Islam is like Al Qaeda group that sounds like terrorism. By law this Jamaat Islam Group not enforceable by law any more. So how its website till on air. If Jamaat Islam is band and forbidden in Bangladesh therefore the website should be ban by the cyber law. Jamaat Islam website founded from Jamaat Islam activities. Its origin and root is Jamaat-E-Islam that government show case as ban political and terrorist group.

Now the question is coming that Till Jamaat -E-Islam is forbidden by law in Bangladesh or not. If forbidden so why its website till on air. Is it enforceable by or not.

If Bangladesh Act ban Jamaat -E-Islam therefore they should ban also all the related activities. Otherwise its not the real judgement. We are the protester protest to ban Jamaat-E-Islam totally from the root and its all related activities.

We are till watching take immediate action and fulfill the demand of civil.



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