This time Bangladesh

Al Quida published a YouTube video where they threat Bangladesh. In the video they called jihad in Bangladesh due to safe the Islamic leaders those are suspected as 1971 war crime criminal and to utilise dark Islamic philosophy.

The present leader of Al Quida Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri announce this threat yesterday.

For details : 

Jamaat -E- Islam and Hefajot -E- Islam are not any more political party in Bangladesh but its true that they are band and now mobilizing as Islamic terrorist groups. Jammat -E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam now are the source of Al Quida therefore today Bangladesh in threat toward al Quida. In Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri video they used বাঁশেরকেল্লা – Basherkella blog logo and Hefajot & Jamaat Islam Videos.

Besides, they notify the on-line blogger and Gonojagoron Moncho and Shahabag protester. Now question is that Al Quida does’t know more details about blogger, Gonojagoron Moncho and Shahabag Protest but how they able to know about all of these staff and how  they used the video and footage of Jamaat and Hefajot Islam. What Does It Mean ?

It means that these two Islamic Groups are now the source of Al Quida. They are planning to make Bangladesh  like Afghanistan and Pakistan where they able to utilise the dark Islamic terrorist Philosophy.

Today is the day when the blogger Rajib Hayder killed by Jamaat Shibir terrorist just one year before and Gonojagoron Moncho create a record by doing non violence candle protest in 14/02/2013 due to inform the war crime tribunal that we want capital panisment  for Kadder Mollah and for rest suspectors.

How it possible that after one year later Al Quida through a threat on 15 February 2014 just between 14 February candle protest and 16 February Blogger Rajib Hyder murder 2013.

Summary :

14 February candle protest 2013.

Al Quida through a threat on 15 February 2014.

16 February Blogger Rajib Hyder murder 2013.

The upper summary mention that Al Quida, Jamaat-E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam are planning & working together due to establish dark Islam terror Philosophy that are totally risky and not safety for Minority and for Republic of Bangladesh. Its the final time be alert each and everyone and destroy completely Jamaat and its relevant groups. Safe democracy and our Beautiful mother land one who birth us. Open your mouth talk against Al Quida, Jamaat-E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam.

Remember the speech of  sheikh Mujibur Rahman 7th March, 1971

And be ready to be a freedom fighter and to fight against Al Quida and their source Jamaat-E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam.


Blog: our71bd/bobbyjosephpereira.



4 comments on “This time, AL- QUIDA TARGETS BANGLADESH.

  1. says:

    now its is the right time to fight for our beloved country…….

  2. Florance Rozario says:

    we are ready to fight with our voice. Carry on your blogging.

  3. Paul Nice Gomes says:

    we are in war already need your order.

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