Fake……..Bangladeshi as supporter.

Fake........Bangladeshi as supporter.

1952 is the year when Bangladesh fights for language against Pakistan. Since  1952, 21 February is  our language fighter day nationally  declared which day is now  Internationally declared as International mother Language Day. Bangla is not just a speaking language  it’s a toung  that we learned at first from our mother.  Pakistan tried to occupy our mother land Bangladesh and effort to establish Urdu as mother toung.

Today it’s the shame when we fly Pakistani flags in Bangladesh. How easy we able to forget the past stories. Once we fly Pakistani flags immediately we are insulting our Language martyrs.

Just observe when India Vs Bangladesh play a cricket match how many Pakistani supporter flies the flag of Bangladesh Just think. We are till really fake Bangladeshi.

Listen those who you are flying the flag of Pakistan just pack your baggage  and go back to your land and worship your god Pakistan. Bangladesh never forgot 1971 and  30,000,00 martyrs. Like fake Bangladeshi cricket supporter you people can forgot but martyrs family can not forget 1971. We salute thousand time India one who is helped us in 1971 to achieve freedom from Pakistan it’s not that we are broker of India.

Those people give us security from our enemy we should give thanks to them. Our71bd point the finger to them those who are addressing India as broker factory. Stop your mouth otherwise it will be shut down for ever.

If Bangladesh face any kind of problem Pakistan will never come to help us but the neighbour friend will open their gate. Pakistan is our enemy who never can help us. Pakistan just knows how to take blood. Bangladesh will never forgive them.

So stop flying Pakistani flag in stediam once the game played in Bangladesh. Love your friends but never support Killer.

Note :

1. Fake Bangladeshi supporter means those who are Bangladeshi but during the Pakistani match they are flying Pakistani flags.

2. Killer means Pakistan 1971 and 1952 .

3 . Our71bd means Blog.


Bobby Joseph Pereira.


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