Shame on Bangladesh Police & Government.

Shame on Bangladesh Police & Government.

Origins: as past story 2013

Protest began right after the verdict was announced. Student organizations started the protest immediately after the Judgment in the Shahbag square that was the actual call for people to gather in the Shahbag square within half an hour of the Judgment. It took half an hour to spread out the call for protest through different social media and later the satellite TV channels. BOAN and some other social and cultural organizations called for different programmes in the same venue who later worked together.[59] Demonstrators gathered at Shahbag Circle (or Projonmo Chottor); they painted murals on the road, drew cartoons, hanged effigies of war-crimes suspects and chanted slogans, with a vow to continue demonstrating until their demands were met.


Protesters at Shahbag Square

On 7 February, demonstrations began at 8 am. Thousands of people gathered with banners, posters, Bangladeshi flags and placards in Shahbag with their demands.[60] On Friday afternoon, a mass rally was held at Shahbag with an estimated attendance of more than 100,000.[61]

On 12 February, protesters observed three minutes of silence at 4 pm at Shahbag and all across Bangladesh.[62] In Dhaka, traffic was stopped as thousands of people took to the streets, formed human chains and stood in silence. A Bangladesh Premier League game at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium halted for three minutes, as players and supporters observed the silence. Parliamentarians and the police also joined the protest.[63] Bengali singerKabir Suman wrote a song entitled “Tin Minit” (“Three Minutes”) in honour of the silent protest.[64][65]

The Real Story as HISTORY 2014

The upper written movements are now a history better than a story which happen just almost 1 year ago. The whole Bangladesh is shacked suddenly within 30 minutes because of life time prison sentence of judgment. The place where the protest began that suddenly crowed with protester and with slogan. The whole press and media were rushed to broadcast the incidents. All the social organization had gathered due to join with protest. Afterward all the concerned civilian come out from their home and joined with the protest and fire the flame of candle due to Death penalty for Mollah,Death sentence for those convicted of war crimes by the International War Crimes Tribunal, ban of Jamaat from Bangladeshi politics, boycott of Jamaat institutions.

BOAN beaten by police

Moreover, the prime minister of Bangladesh announced a new name of protest place due to encourage the protestor. The name was “Projonmo Chottor” . All the young blogger are freedom fighter that acknowledged by Government. These all incidents are now just like a story it’s not anymore history in Bangladesh. Now the history is one activist sustained serious injury while several others were reportedly beaten up. see more on link:

Bangladesh Police and rolling Leage had beaten the Gonojagoron Moncho Activists. Those people were one day the beginner and founder of GONOJAGORON today they are enemy of the government. Those were freedom fighter for 1971 war crime criminals now they are beating up by police. This call TIT FOR TAT. So where is the judgement and how people will try to love his or her mother land Bangladesh.Still the rest of 1971 war crime criminals are not punished. Just one Khader Mollah has been executed. Our protest is not only for Khader Mollah also for the rest convicted criminals. 

Why the government is waiting for?

Why government are forcing to stop us?

Why police beaten us?

We want to hear the answer WHY WHY WHY…..? We want to hear the answer WHY WHY WHY…..?

Suggestion For the Government

* Don’t try to dismiss us.

* Don’t try to show fear us by police

* Don’t torture us.

* As soon as possible punished the rest 1971 war crime criminal.

* Ban all institution of JAMMAT -E- Islam.

* Don’t accept any sponsorship from any JAMMAT institution.

Last Word For Government

We are just CIVILIAN and good wisher for Bangladesh not TERRORIST don’t TORTURE us.




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