Slave Made in Bangladesh .

When the whole world is wearing us . Even superstars and diplomatics never ask from where it is ? 

But as Bangladeshi I am not proud to say that it’s our product. How it makes me proud once a garments worker have 50 $ per month. How I feel proud once they are living in a small room approximately 15 to 20 person where world famous fashion houses sealing each cloth 10$, 20$,50& and 100$. 

Let’s go for details:

In a day H&M, WALL MART , ZARA, C&A and other companies earn maximum 20 thousand US DOLLARS.

In a month 5,20,000$ where a labour paid 50$ in Bangladesh.

I hope we are Mordern slave when the whole world practice humanity. I like to say you are naked with out us. 

You are resist in the world. You are the killer. 

Fuck you bloody busters ( H&M, ZARA, LIDIL, C&A, WALL MART) 







We are slave not human. Européenne and Americans are just Faking human for those we given our blood to cover their body with cloths. 


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