The Unfinished War 2013-2014.

Unfinished Match


The heroes of this match are Jamaat-E-Islam & Hefajot Islam where Islamic rules establish in democracy country. As we learned from the childhood that Islam is the religion for peace but day by day the hole positive thoughts about Islam is going away from humanity. Day by day the world Knowing them as terrorist. If we observe the history we could see the sum how many incidents happen through the Islamic Jihad last thirteen years. How many people or human died for their bullshit Islamic Jihad. Nonsense Muslims think Jihad is a holy war for the Islam and non-believer. For more details : Play from 3:30 minute. So what is actually Jihad what its mean ? Now we will find it’s real meaning. The proper meaning according to the Islam:

What Jihad IS NOT!

*Jihad is NOT Holy War

*Jihad is NOT blowing up one’s self  (Suicide is a sin in Islam)

Hadith  : Shahi Bukhari.
Book 23. Funerals (Al-Janaa’iz).

Volumn 002, Book 023, Hadith Number 445.
Narated By Thabit bin Ad-Dahhak : The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, “Whoever intentionally swears falsely by a religion other than Islam, then he is what he has said, (e.g. if he says, ‘If such thing is not true then I am a Jew,’ he is really a Jew). And whoever commits suicide with piece of iron will be punished with the same piece of iron in the Hell Fire.” Narrated Jundab the Prophet said, “A man was inflicted with wounds and he committed suicide, and so Allah said: My slave has caused death on himself hurriedly, so I forbid Paradise for him.”

*Jihad is NOT killing innocent people

*Jihad is NOT flying a plane into a building packed with civilians

*Jihad is NOT fighting out of anger and hatred

*Jihad is NOT killing others just because they don’t agree with you

*Jihad is NOT killing others just because they are not Muslims

The real meaning of Jihad

*Jihad is an Arabic word from the root Jee Ha Da.

*It literally means to struggle or strive.

*Jihad is struggling or striving in the way or sake of Allah.

For more details:– .

If jihad is not any more harmful for people so why than some Islam believer people are destroying humanity and democracy in the different different part of the world.

Bangladesh is one of the victim Country as like Afghanistan/Pakistan where Islamic rules based Political party is forcing to establish QURAN LAW (Islamic Law). Bangladesh Jamaat-E-Islam now as like Al-Qaeda those leaders are encouraging and forcing and preparing in very cleaver way the Muslim people’s to kill democracy and to establish the QURAN LAW (Islamic Law).

Watch the clips: .

The story as says before 1971 the Bangladesh was East Pakistan when Jamaat-E-Islam spread out into the East Pakistan from that period Jamaat-E-Islam start their root in Bangladesh. During Bangladesh Liberation War 1971 war between East and Wast Pakistan Jamaat Islam leaders like  Ghulam Azam , Motiur Rahman NizamiAbdul Quader MollahDelawar Hossain SayedeeAli Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed accompany with Wast Pakistan and killed mukti bahini and found  Shanti Committees. They raped women, girls and killed more than 30,000,00 freedom fighter. details :- . Watch :- . Islam is fully responsible for all of these. Only because of Islamic Law today Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan suffering from the long time ago. At the present situation in Bangladesh the minority’s are persecuting every day. Mental Muslims wants to kill all non-Islam-believer through Jihad.

Bangladesh is no more a place with out Al-Qaeda and not a place for democracy. It’s time to safe minority and democracy. To safe democracy should finish the match that are playing by government. We want to hear the death sentence for rest 1971 war crime criminals. No more games and no more enemy’s. We want to kill all our enemy’s those who killed our relatives. No mercy for them, No human rights for them, No god for them and no religious for them. Only execution is the perfect word for all of them. Those who use religion and encourage believer to fight for their own intention.






Shame on Bangladesh Police & Government.

Shame on Bangladesh Police & Government.

Origins: as past story 2013

Protest began right after the verdict was announced. Student organizations started the protest immediately after the Judgment in the Shahbag square that was the actual call for people to gather in the Shahbag square within half an hour of the Judgment. It took half an hour to spread out the call for protest through different social media and later the satellite TV channels. BOAN and some other social and cultural organizations called for different programmes in the same venue who later worked together.[59] Demonstrators gathered at Shahbag Circle (or Projonmo Chottor); they painted murals on the road, drew cartoons, hanged effigies of war-crimes suspects and chanted slogans, with a vow to continue demonstrating until their demands were met.


Protesters at Shahbag Square

On 7 February, demonstrations began at 8 am. Thousands of people gathered with banners, posters, Bangladeshi flags and placards in Shahbag with their demands.[60] On Friday afternoon, a mass rally was held at Shahbag with an estimated attendance of more than 100,000.[61]

On 12 February, protesters observed three minutes of silence at 4 pm at Shahbag and all across Bangladesh.[62] In Dhaka, traffic was stopped as thousands of people took to the streets, formed human chains and stood in silence. A Bangladesh Premier League game at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium halted for three minutes, as players and supporters observed the silence. Parliamentarians and the police also joined the protest.[63] Bengali singerKabir Suman wrote a song entitled “Tin Minit” (“Three Minutes”) in honour of the silent protest.[64][65]

The Real Story as HISTORY 2014

The upper written movements are now a history better than a story which happen just almost 1 year ago. The whole Bangladesh is shacked suddenly within 30 minutes because of life time prison sentence of judgment. The place where the protest began that suddenly crowed with protester and with slogan. The whole press and media were rushed to broadcast the incidents. All the social organization had gathered due to join with protest. Afterward all the concerned civilian come out from their home and joined with the protest and fire the flame of candle due to Death penalty for Mollah,Death sentence for those convicted of war crimes by the International War Crimes Tribunal, ban of Jamaat from Bangladeshi politics, boycott of Jamaat institutions.

BOAN beaten by police

Moreover, the prime minister of Bangladesh announced a new name of protest place due to encourage the protestor. The name was “Projonmo Chottor” . All the young blogger are freedom fighter that acknowledged by Government. These all incidents are now just like a story it’s not anymore history in Bangladesh. Now the history is one activist sustained serious injury while several others were reportedly beaten up. see more on link:

Bangladesh Police and rolling Leage had beaten the Gonojagoron Moncho Activists. Those people were one day the beginner and founder of GONOJAGORON today they are enemy of the government. Those were freedom fighter for 1971 war crime criminals now they are beating up by police. This call TIT FOR TAT. So where is the judgement and how people will try to love his or her mother land Bangladesh.Still the rest of 1971 war crime criminals are not punished. Just one Khader Mollah has been executed. Our protest is not only for Khader Mollah also for the rest convicted criminals. 

Why the government is waiting for?

Why government are forcing to stop us?

Why police beaten us?

We want to hear the answer WHY WHY WHY…..? We want to hear the answer WHY WHY WHY…..?

Suggestion For the Government

* Don’t try to dismiss us.

* Don’t try to show fear us by police

* Don’t torture us.

* As soon as possible punished the rest 1971 war crime criminal.

* Ban all institution of JAMMAT -E- Islam.

* Don’t accept any sponsorship from any JAMMAT institution.

Last Word For Government

We are just CIVILIAN and good wisher for Bangladesh not TERRORIST don’t TORTURE us.



Fake……..Bangladeshi as supporter.

Fake........Bangladeshi as supporter.

1952 is the year when Bangladesh fights for language against Pakistan. Since  1952, 21 February is  our language fighter day nationally  declared which day is now  Internationally declared as International mother Language Day. Bangla is not just a speaking language  it’s a toung  that we learned at first from our mother.  Pakistan tried to occupy our mother land Bangladesh and effort to establish Urdu as mother toung.

Today it’s the shame when we fly Pakistani flags in Bangladesh. How easy we able to forget the past stories. Once we fly Pakistani flags immediately we are insulting our Language martyrs.

Just observe when India Vs Bangladesh play a cricket match how many Pakistani supporter flies the flag of Bangladesh Just think. We are till really fake Bangladeshi.

Listen those who you are flying the flag of Pakistan just pack your baggage  and go back to your land and worship your god Pakistan. Bangladesh never forgot 1971 and  30,000,00 martyrs. Like fake Bangladeshi cricket supporter you people can forgot but martyrs family can not forget 1971. We salute thousand time India one who is helped us in 1971 to achieve freedom from Pakistan it’s not that we are broker of India.

Those people give us security from our enemy we should give thanks to them. Our71bd point the finger to them those who are addressing India as broker factory. Stop your mouth otherwise it will be shut down for ever.

If Bangladesh face any kind of problem Pakistan will never come to help us but the neighbour friend will open their gate. Pakistan is our enemy who never can help us. Pakistan just knows how to take blood. Bangladesh will never forgive them.

So stop flying Pakistani flag in stediam once the game played in Bangladesh. Love your friends but never support Killer.

Note :

1. Fake Bangladeshi supporter means those who are Bangladeshi but during the Pakistani match they are flying Pakistani flags.

2. Killer means Pakistan 1971 and 1952 .

3 . Our71bd means Blog.


Bobby Joseph Pereira.


This time Bangladesh

Al Quida published a YouTube video where they threat Bangladesh. In the video they called jihad in Bangladesh due to safe the Islamic leaders those are suspected as 1971 war crime criminal and to utilise dark Islamic philosophy.

The present leader of Al Quida Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri announce this threat yesterday.

For details : 

Jamaat -E- Islam and Hefajot -E- Islam are not any more political party in Bangladesh but its true that they are band and now mobilizing as Islamic terrorist groups. Jammat -E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam now are the source of Al Quida therefore today Bangladesh in threat toward al Quida. In Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri video they used বাঁশেরকেল্লা – Basherkella blog logo and Hefajot & Jamaat Islam Videos.

Besides, they notify the on-line blogger and Gonojagoron Moncho and Shahabag protester. Now question is that Al Quida does’t know more details about blogger, Gonojagoron Moncho and Shahabag Protest but how they able to know about all of these staff and how  they used the video and footage of Jamaat and Hefajot Islam. What Does It Mean ?

It means that these two Islamic Groups are now the source of Al Quida. They are planning to make Bangladesh  like Afghanistan and Pakistan where they able to utilise the dark Islamic terrorist Philosophy.

Today is the day when the blogger Rajib Hayder killed by Jamaat Shibir terrorist just one year before and Gonojagoron Moncho create a record by doing non violence candle protest in 14/02/2013 due to inform the war crime tribunal that we want capital panisment  for Kadder Mollah and for rest suspectors.

How it possible that after one year later Al Quida through a threat on 15 February 2014 just between 14 February candle protest and 16 February Blogger Rajib Hyder murder 2013.

Summary :

14 February candle protest 2013.

Al Quida through a threat on 15 February 2014.

16 February Blogger Rajib Hyder murder 2013.

The upper summary mention that Al Quida, Jamaat-E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam are planning & working together due to establish dark Islam terror Philosophy that are totally risky and not safety for Minority and for Republic of Bangladesh. Its the final time be alert each and everyone and destroy completely Jamaat and its relevant groups. Safe democracy and our Beautiful mother land one who birth us. Open your mouth talk against Al Quida, Jamaat-E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam.

Remember the speech of  sheikh Mujibur Rahman 7th March, 1971

And be ready to be a freedom fighter and to fight against Al Quida and their source Jamaat-E-Islam and Hefajot-E-Islam.


Blog: our71bd/bobbyjosephpereira.





Jamaat-E- Islam is already ban as political group. It also clear that Jamaat -E-Islam is like Al Qaeda group that sounds like terrorism. By law this Jamaat Islam Group not enforceable by law any more. So how its website till on air. If Jamaat Islam is band and forbidden in Bangladesh therefore the website should be ban by the cyber law. Jamaat Islam website founded from Jamaat Islam activities. Its origin and root is Jamaat-E-Islam that government show case as ban political and terrorist group.

Now the question is coming that Till Jamaat -E-Islam is forbidden by law in Bangladesh or not. If forbidden so why its website till on air. Is it enforceable by or not.

If Bangladesh Act ban Jamaat -E-Islam therefore they should ban also all the related activities. Otherwise its not the real judgement. We are the protester protest to ban Jamaat-E-Islam totally from the root and its all related activities.

We are till watching take immediate action and fulfill the demand of civil.