Slave Made in Bangladesh .

When the whole world is wearing us . Even superstars and diplomatics never ask from where it is ? 

But as Bangladeshi I am not proud to say that it’s our product. How it makes me proud once a garments worker have 50 $ per month. How I feel proud once they are living in a small room approximately 15 to 20 person where world famous fashion houses sealing each cloth 10$, 20$,50& and 100$. 

Let’s go for details:

In a day H&M, WALL MART , ZARA, C&A and other companies earn maximum 20 thousand US DOLLARS.

In a month 5,20,000$ where a labour paid 50$ in Bangladesh.

I hope we are Mordern slave when the whole world practice humanity. I like to say you are naked with out us. 

You are resist in the world. You are the killer. 

Fuck you bloody busters ( H&M, ZARA, LIDIL, C&A, WALL MART) 







We are slave not human. Européenne and Americans are just Faking human for those we given our blood to cover their body with cloths. 

Hidden some words behind the Islam.

Who are they ?

Islam spreading all over the world behind the peace in front of TERRORISM. Islam is Stepping and gathering with Islamic culture. Islamic culture is non other than  terrorism. Each country has there own culture but Islam has unique culture which always in front of suspect. Few country should be aware about Islam and Masque building where they does’t gather for prayer they gather for Jihad. beheading iraqi soldier

Respect Human and Religious. God create human  and man has been created religious rules to obey and honer God.